Beaton, Cody - Richmond Ballet

Cody Beaton

Company Dancer

Hometown: Round Rock, TX // Joined: 2008

Cody Beaton, of Round Rock, Texas, began her training at the Austin Conservatory of the Arts. She continued on to join the Colorado Ballet for one season. She has been with Richmond Ballet since 2008 and recently married fellow company dancer Trevor Davis. She enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with Trevor and their three cats.

Education & Training
Austin Conservatory of the Arts, under the direction of Carol D’avila. 

Professional Experience / Career Highlights
Some of my favorite roles have been Juliet, Odette/Odile, Aurora, and performing in Mozartiana and Sweet Bitter Love. I have also been lucky enough to have pieces by Ma Cong, Val Caniparoli, and Kate Skarpetowska choreographed on me.

What inspired you to become a professional dancer?
I honestly can’t remember why I wanted to become a professional dancer. I told my mom when I was three I wanted to be a ballerina and that dream never changed. 

What is your favorite role that you’ve performed?
Probably all of the ones listed in career highlights. It’s so hard to pick one role that has been a favorite because they are all so different. I love when I get to dance with my husband (Trevor Davis) though! 

What do you enjoy about being part of Richmond Ballet?
I love being a part of the Richmond Ballet because it offers such a great sense of community. I’ve met some of my best friends through the ballet. It’s also really nice to work in a place where you know everyone and can get to know board members and donors and really cultivate those relationships. 

What do you like about living in Richmond?
I love how small Richmond is. It’s easy to be somewhere and spot someone that you know. It has also really grown in the last ten years in the restaurant and brewery scene; there is always someplace to go have fun. 

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing off-stage?
I love reading and I really like to cook! My husband and I have three cats, so we really like to watch Netflix and hang out with our cats. 

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I told my mom when I was three I wanted to be a ballerina and that dream never changed.

Cody Beaton

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Founded in 1993, the nationally recognized Richmond Ballet Trainee Program offers select advanced students a transitional experience to bridge the gap between the academic ballet setting and the world of professional dance. The Richmond Ballet Trainee Program is one of the few in this country that enables aspiring dancers to pursue formal dance training and gain valuable performance experience with a professional company.

Third Years: Kaeley Andrews, Madelynne Boudreau, Courtney Collier, Ana Pavon, Lydia Ross, Liesl Wiedmann
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For over 40 years, Stoner Winslett has served as the founding Artistic Director of Richmond Ballet, the first major company of professional dancers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is one of the longest tenured artistic directors of a major ballet company and one of the country’s few female artistic directors. In June 2020, acclaimed choreographer Ma Cong joined Richmond Ballet as its first ever Associate Artistic Director.

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